Round Bolt

When we created TPi regular bolt for the luxury and European market, we decided to go far beyond industry standards and bring a product to the market that is unmatched in quality. TPi product is therefore "Exceed Customer Expectations"

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Round Bolt

Advanced Patented Design

When we decided to create the Round Bolt, we wanted it to maintain all the physical properties of our regular lug bolts, but with improved characteristics.

Smart Design

TPi Round Bolt is able to be installed and removed with a 17mm hex socket.

More Even Torque

TPi Round Bolt is flattened on the side with tapered edge to provide more surface area for the torque distributed evenly.

Great Heat Dissipation

TPi Round Bolt provides more surface area, which dissipate the heat created by the revolution of the wheel while running.

Perfect Fit

Slightly tapered edges on top of the Round Bolt allow a smooth and tight fit for the bolt and socket.

Light Weight

TPi Round Bolt is 3 grams lighter than the regular lug bolt.



With more than 40 years of experience, TPi has become the expert in forging wheel nuts. We are devoted to making products that meet the highest standard of safety and durability.
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