Tuner Nut

TPi 6 Spline and 8 Point Tuner Lug nuts are designed to fit perfectly in small diameter Tuner Style Wheels. These nut offer more gripping surface and greater torque power than regular fasteners. Available in a variety of colors to match your wheells! Each tuner nut in clamshell package included 20 pcs nut+1 key, or 16 pcs nuts + 4 pcs locks +1 key

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Tuner Nut


(1) Small Diameter: AISI1008-1010
(2) Hex Socket: 50BV30
Zinc, Triple Nickel/ Chrome
Zinc 72 hours Salt Spray Test, Triple Nickel/ Chrome 96 hours Salt Spray Test
(1) Small Diameter: Open-End, 2pc Cold Forged/welded cap, 1pc Cold Forged, Scratch-Free, E-T/Ultras.
(2) Hex Socket: Allen Hexagonal Head, Acorn and ET/Ultra Style Seat. Other Finish Available: Electronic Disposition Blue, Red & Gold, Black Chrome.

Small Diameter

TPi 6 Spline, 8 Point Tuner and Hex Socket Lug Nut are designed to fit perfectly in Small Diameter Tuner Style Wheels.

More Torque Power

TPi 6 Spline and 8 Point Tuner Lug Nuts provide greater contact area and greater torque power during installation or removal of lug nut.

Quick Identification

Thread size is stamped on every lug nut for easy and quick identification for customers

Unique Features

One key can be applied on both the locks and the regular Small Diameter lug Nuts, making it more user-friendly and convenient for customers to keep one key only.


Laser Hologram

Here are some features of hologram to identify TPi Genuine products.

Registration Card

A registration card is included in EVERY set for the customer to register the key code on our official website for a spare key if a key is lost. Key replacement is for FREE! The customers only needs to shows the registration card and pay for the freight (See the freight here) to get a FREE spare key.

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With more than 40 years of experience, TPi has become the expert in forging wheel nuts. We are devoted to making products that meet the highest standard of safety and durability.
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