When we decided to create TPi spacers, we wanted to make something familiar to the market that provides stability, balance and safety, but with increased precision and a distinct stylish look. The spacers have CNC-machined holes and are hub centric for the highest level of accuracy, laser-cut TPi logo and specifications for easy identifications and a special backlash groove design for a perfect fit.

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Hot Forged Aluminum

TPi spacer is manufactured from hot forged aluminum 6061, which is the best material to be used for the super lightweight nature and ultimate strength.

Precision Fitmet

TPi spacers are with CNC-machined holes for the highest level of accuracy, and hub centric featuring a full contact hub for even load force distribution and lateral support.

Perfect Stance And Improved Handling

TPi spacer moves your wheels out so the wheels are flush with the fender- giving your vehicle the perfect stance, improved handling and increased safety, or simply giving a more aggressive, sport look.


Laser Hologram

Here are some features of hologram to identify TPi Genuine products.


With more than 40 years of experience, TPi has become the expert in forging wheel nuts. We are devoted to making products that meet the highest standard of safety and durability.
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