Extremely high-end look and perfect finger touch! TPi spacers are sand-blasted on the surface to give a
fancy look, then anodized to ensure a highly durable resistant finish. To give our spacer a final touch, we added a knurled design on the edge to provide a firm grip when installing, at the same time giving it the unique style that makes us distinctively TPi!

Hot Forged Aluminum

TPi spacer is manufactured from hot forged aluminum 6061, which is the best material to be used for the super lightweight nature and ultimate strength.

Precision Fitmet

TPi spacers are with CNC-machined holes for the highest level of accuracy, and are hub centric featuring a full contact hub for even load force distribution and lateral support.

TPi Logo & Specification Marked

TPi spacers are laser-cut TPi logo and specifications for quick identification.

Knurled On The Side

A knurled design is added on the edge to provide a unique look and a firm grip for installation and removal.

Parallel Engrave Lines

Parallel engrave lines lining up the holes and building air pressure prevents the spacers from sticking to the mounting surface.

Creative Spacer Packaging

TPi spacers are packed in our beautifully designed TPi Spacer Box, with installation instructions on the inside, and individual compartments for spacers and fasteners, so everything sits neatly in place.

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