Flower Locking Nut

Fulfilling customers' safety concerns and requirements, TPi produces several anti-theft wheel lock systems that fasten wheels, at the same time protecting them from theft. All wheel locks requires a special key for installation and removal, coming in a variety of key patterns that are forged into the nuts and keys.

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Flower Locking Nut

Narrow Groove Patterns

The narrow groove resists the intrusion of lock removal tools into the pattern.

Through-Hardened Steel

Every Lock Nuts is heat treated, reaching the hardness needed for its unsurpassed level of security.

Extra Sleeve For Double Security

An extra sleeve is designed for unbeatable wheel security. The sleeve will spin when trying to remove it with pliers. Provided with our patented aligning collar for quick engagement and scratch-prevention.

Spinning Function Available

Our Spinning Locking Nut comes with an affixed free spinning sleeve, which will spin when trying to remove it with pliers. Placed on a wheel, it is nearly impossible to remove the lock without the proper key. The Spinning Locking Nut is provided with our patented Aligning Collar for quick engagement, smaller O.D. and scratch-prevention.

Quick Identification

Thread size is stamped on every lug nut for easy and quick identification for customers

Sliding Function Available

TPi Locking Nuts with sliding washer have a function of 1mm-1.5mm variation in the bulge seating surface that provides security to wheels and hubs of different PCD dimensions.

Scratch-Free Function

A moving washer attached at the seat not only provides accurate torque, but also prevents damage to the valuable wheel.

Dual Hex Key

Dual Hex Key is provided for greater application coverage, which matches the vehicle's original equipment lug wrench.


Laser Hologram

Here are some features of hologram to identify TPi Genuine products.

Registration Card

A registration card is included in EVERY set for the customer to register the key code on our official website for a spare key if a key is lost. Key replacement is for FREE! The customers only needs to shows the registration card and pay for the freight to get a FREE spare key.

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With more than 40 years of experience, TPi has become the expert in forging wheel nuts. We are devoted to making products that meet the highest standard of safety and durability.
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