The evolution of our product line has now developed innovative security products that can be applied on other applications than wheel,such as Fastener Cap, Hub Centric Rings, Valve Stems and Mounting Pin, etc., taking our products to another level.

Fastener Cap

TPi always got you covered. TPi Fastener Cap enhances and beautifies your wheels. Also, TPi Fastener Caps protect fasteners from rust and damage. They are easy to install and reusable. With the fastener caps on our patented Round Bolt or External Locking Bolt, it’s almost impossible for thieves to know that the lock exists!

Aluminum Hub Centric Rings

TPi's luxurious, precision-made Aluminum Hub Rings are CNC-machined for extreme accuracy. Designed with a lip, so that the ring won't slip; and color-coded with laser-cut specifications for easy identification.

Material:Cold Forged Aluminum 6061
Finish:Soft Anodize/ I.D. Color Coded for quick Identification
Durability:Dipped to prevent Oxidation


Valve Stems

TPi Valve Stems are equipped with Japanese Pacific valve core. They are also available with round shape washer. Different colors of valve stems are available to beautify your wheels.

Mounting Pin

Having difficulty installing your wheel?? No worries! TPi came up with a solution for you-TPi Mounting Pin.

  • TPi Mounting Pin is designed and manufactured to meet TPi’s high-end quality standard.
  • TPi Mounting pin is made from lightweight anodized aluminum
  • Available in M12x1.25, M12x 1.50, M14x1.25, M14x1.50.
  • TPi logo laser cut on the pin to ensure TPi quality
  • Knurled end for easy hand-tightening and removal
  • Different color for different size for quick identification
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